1. Which museums are available with a card?

You can find a list of all attractions on page http://www.krakowcard.com/attractions. Most popular attractions that are included in Krakows Card are: Main Market Square Underground, Schindler’s Factory, St. Mary’s Church, Sukiennice Gallery, Town Hall, Jewish Museum, Contemporary Art MOCAK

2. How do I activate the card?

If you want to explore all the things to do that are available through Krakow Card you just need to exchange your voucher for a Krakows Card. The card will be valid from the moment of an exchange. You decide whan will you start using your card. Exchange is available in specific Tourist Points in Krakow.

3. What does Krakow Card include?
  1. FREE Admission to more than 40 of the most important tourist attractions of Kraków -> tourist attractions in Krakow list below
  2. FREE public transport in Krakow -> show public transport map in Krakow
  3. Transport between Kraków City and Wieliczka Salt Mine (Bus no 304) -> See how to get to the Wieliczka Salt Mine here
  4. Transport from Kraków City - Kraków Airport (Balice) – you can use buses no 208, 292 and night bus no 902 for free -> check how to get from Krakow Airport (Balice) to Krakow city centre
  5. Convenient sightseeing as well as saving money and time. The card gives you a chance to visit the most important attractions without rush, additional stress and waste of time due to buying tickets. If you buy one card for all of the attractions and public transport you may save up to 70€
4. Where can I buy a KrakowCard?

The card can be purchased on the website and picked up at one of few points in Krakow listed below:

  • ​​​​​​​Discover Cracow Office: Piłsudskiego 7 (Happy Pack Office)
  • InfoKraków Pawilon Wyspiańskiego - pl. Wszystkich Świętych 2
  • InfoKraków ul. św. Jana 2 
  • InfoKraków Sukiennice - Rynek Główny 1/3
  • InfoKraków ul. Szpitalna 25
  • InfoKraków ul. Józefa 7
  • InfoKraków Powiśle 11
  • InfoKraków Airport Balice
  • Cracow City Tours - Floriańska 44
  • Krakville Tours - Sienna 17

We recommend to have it reserved with online sales but you can as well buy it directly in Krakow through places described here 

5. What happens if I lose my card?

If such an unfortunate thing happen, please contact us as soon as possible. We may try to work it out,  however card is conectd with person and expires after 2/3 days from starting date. IT is likely that you may need to purchase another card in order to enjoy its privilages.

6. The card includes temporary exhibitions?

Krakow Card covers temporary exhibitions in all museums belonging to the Museum of the historic city of Krakow www.mhk.pl

7. Where to collect a card after online purchase?

With printed confirmation of payment you may collect your KrakowCard at the following tourist information points listed below: ​

  • Krakow Balice Airport
  • Plac Szczepański 8
8. Can I use the card during the holidays?

Yes. Card is especially enjoyable through holidays. All attractions and things to do in Krakow available with Krakow Card are open for you!

9. Does Krakow Card include discounts?

Yes, Please check all available perks here: https://krakowcard.com/benefits


10. Are there discounts for students or retirees?

Yes, there is a type of KrakowCard that have a discount for a students. Check our Museum & Attraction Pass in Krakow.

11. How much can I save?

Krakow Card will allow you to save up to 70€ if you would with to visit most of the places listed in Attractions. Its for sure for the person that would like to get the most from a stay in Krakow and sightsee in a comfortable way not worrying about tickets etc.