Wondering what to do in Krakow?

Krakow is best known for the picturesque images of its Main Square and the Wawel Castle, so alluring that you may think there is not much room left for any other attractions or activities but wandering around the Planty Park-limited area of the UNESCO-protected Old Town. With almost 762,000 residents inhabiting its metro area and 18 districts the city is comprised of (including the stunning Old Town, the charming area of Jewish Kazimierz, the district of Podgórze with the remnants of Krakow’s pagan past, or the meticulously planned pearl of socialist realism represented by Nowa Huta), Krakow has a lot more variety to offer! 

Climbing the stairs of the taller tower of St. Mary’s Basilica will make you overlook the cleverly designed plan of the Old Town while hearing the interrupted sound of the trumpet played hourly from the top of it. 

Jagiellonian University

The year of 1364 witnessed the establishment of one of the oldest universities of Eastern Europe – the Jagiellonian University, the alma mater of Nicolaus Copernicus, arose in the vicinity of the most architecturally prominent churches of Krakow, located at the corner of tree-shadowed Golebia street. The arcades of the courtyard of Collegium Maius will surely provide you with a great dose of medieval and Renaissance charm the city emanates with. 

Schilder’s Factory

The factory of Oskar Schindler, who managed to save a couple of lives, is still a popular tourist spot in Krakow, also due to the wide distribution of a picture based on his story. 

Ojców National Park

A visit paid to Ojcow National Park, located 15 km north of Krakow, takes you to a perfect place to recover after having visited the camp. The fairy-tale-like surroundings have long attracted the foremost Polish filmmakers with their eerie limestone cliffs, rock formations, canyons, caves and valleys, as well as with the mystifying castle in Pieskowa Skala or medieval stronghold of King Casimir. Exploring the place is a great idea for photographers and those who like spending their holiday in the saddle. 

Zakrzówek in Krakow

Man-made Zakrzowek Lake provides similar impressions with its limestone cliffs, being located 25 minutes of walking distance from the Wawel Hill – this place is popular with rock climbers and scuba divers, as well as provides a perfect spot for barbecue lovers.



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