Welcome in Krakow!

We are glad to annouce that our blog is LIFE!

If you want to hear interesting things about Krakow, its culture, events and everyday life - stick with us. It is essential for us to make your stay in Krakow magical and worth to come back. This blog will be about spending time in Krakow. We will help you to plan your stay and enjoy every minute of it. Lists of top things will be presented, hotels&restaurants reviews, pictures of whats the most precious in our city. Be sure that we are passinate locals that will show you the real heart of Krakow not just its typical tourist places and cultural heritage. You will get to know with places that are less comon than Auschwitz Concentration Camp but as well worth to see and get to know with. If you look for an information about enterntainment in Cracow, you will not be dissapointed too.





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