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Krakow is the beloved city of famous Polish filmmakers, including the well-known directors like cult-followed Krzysztof Kieslowski, Oscar-awarded Andrzej Wajda or Andrzej Munk, also born to a Cracovian family. In the 21st century, the beauty of charming Krakow started being captured by other camera holders: visitors, tourists, hobbyists with professional equipment or Krakow dwellers who decided to show their love to the city to others. There are a lot of videos about Krakow to come across on the Internet which makes the selection of what is worth seeing more difficult. If you are curious what the best videos about Krakow are, simply see what we have chosen for you! Do not treat it as any ranking - just sit back comfortably and enjoy the views:


Take a journey around Krakow at an accelerated pace; see its residents doing their typical things and tourists enjoying a sunny day in the most attractive places of Krakow. Follow the Krakow life from dusk till dawn, until the Main Market Square is switched to the nightlife mode.


This video perfectly shows what a typical visitor to Krakow will see, starting at the modern airport of Krakow, leading you through the Old Town, Wawel Castle, Auschwitz or Wieliczka. See how it feels to visit one of the most beautiful cities of Europe before you even come!


The world that has gone is still possible to be visited! Watch the slow-paced pre-war video of Krakow, showing its elegantly dressed residents enjoying their Sunday afternoon in the most famous locations of Krakow. The Mariacka tower bugler is still there to signalise the noon, just as you will hear it during your stay. This only proves that Krakow is really a city where tradition and customs are cherished.


It might be really regretful for you to forget about taking a trip to one of the most stunning places near Krakow: Ojcow National Park.The castles, caves, forests and valleys packed with countless species peacefully existing in this protected piece of land are something to see with your own eyes to truly appreciate. Watch the video to taste what you may expect if you leave Krakow for a while and decide to breathe-in the nature at its best that surrounds it!


Krakow never sleeps, as confirmed by the video above! When the sun goes down, the architectural details of its historic buildings are thrown well-focused light on, and the apparent, or expected, emptiness in the streets of Krakow during the night never appears to happen - at least in the Old Town or Kazimierz area. Do not forget to sleep well before visiting Krakow. There is too much to miss after the bedtime to fall into the arms of Morpheus.


Web trends affect Krakow as well. While the Krakow vid above does not represent the newest trend around, it perfectly shows that Krakow residents are affected by what is happening on the Internet as well. Check the lip dub video of the students of Jagiellonian University and find out if you can fish out every reference to its notable alumni or the famous legends of Krakow!


Forget about breakdance (which you may also see in the Main Square of Krakow, along with many other types of performance)! The traditional folk dances of Krakow are lively, demanding a lot of training sessions and stamina to perform! The culture of Lesser Poland is the culture of life and if you have a chance to attend a show of Krakow and Podhale regional dances, you will never regret it!


At this time of year, nights are longer and thick snow covers the pavements of Krakow. You may admire the beautifully illuminated Main Square of Krakow then, visit the stalls of Christmas marketplace to taste their famous mulled wine there or try some hot chocolate at one of Krakow’s restaurants. Winter in Krakow is definitely a fine season to affect it.


There may be gourmet restaurants in Krakow operating, milk bars, food stalls or zapiekanka / sausage eateries located here and there, but the most famous event held there is all about pierogi (perogis). The video may not be the most pro one to watch but it will make you seriously hungry at the sight of the variety of perogi to be tasted there. The perogi festival is not to be missed if you visit Krakow in summertime!


You may not understand a word of what you have just clicked, but still devote some time to discover the oppressive commie past of Krakow. Nowa Huta district is what was planned to constitute a representative utopian communist estate near Krakow (now, as its district), with ultimately happy workers of the “New Steel Mill” equally provided with anything needed for existence. The resemblence to North Korean propaganda pictures is not accidental here. Nowadays, it is still possible to visit Nowa Huta district of Krakow to experience the commie breeze once to have defined the widely distributed pictures of the serene communist labourers’ existence occurring there.


Mysterious,romantic, panoramic - these are the keywords for Tyniec Abbey in Krakow. Visit it via the river route, a bike ride or an organised trip. Whatever you choose is fine if you reach this limestone-cliff located icon of Krakow. The medieval monastery will never disappoint you, regardless of the season you choose.


The Wianki feast of Krakow is held between 23 and 24 of June, as a tribute to the pagan traditions of the region. This is when crowds gather at the bank of Vistula to celebrate the night when it was possible to confirm one’s love with the approval of everyone in the past. Good beer, great fireworks and well-selected music played on the barges on Vistula is what you may expect there this night. Do not forget to wear a wreath on your head if you are female before you attend the summer “New Year’s Eve” in Krakow then!


The Trail of Eagles’ Nests is the best area around Krakow to explore the medieval castles of Poland. With a little trip taken outside of the Krakow borders, you will get a handful of castles, palaces and shrines beautifully topping the mountainous landscape of Krakow surroundings. Follow the playlis to explore more of the castles within the trail.


Fancy listening a bit about the Jewish background of Krakow? This audioguide, complemented with the picutres of Jewish Kazimierz district, is what you will open you to the history of the cosiest quarter of Krakow, once totally inhabited by its Jewish dwellers.


It is not only China which boasts with its dragon traditions - Krakow has them too! Each year, there is a large parade devoted to the dragon of Wawel that has a loud finish at night, full of fireworks and loud musing blasting at the boulevards. Take your kids there, they will undeoubtedly enjoy the sight of huge dragonlike creatures led through the strets of Krakow each summer.

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