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Romantic places in Krakow guide date in Krakow

Couples coming to Krakow may enjoy their perfect choice of a place to stay at for a romantic weekend each minute of their visit: the charm of the Main Market Square, a fairy-tale-like ride in a horse-drawn carriage, street performers playing sweet melodies, the scent of fresh flowers sold at every corner or candlelit dinner at one of more popular restaurants. At the same time, these are still not everything that you may surprise your beloved one with. Check the ideas below to find out what places in Krakow are perfect for a date, celebration of your anniversary of your special relationship or romantic trip, providing you with more privacy than more crowded areas of Krakow.

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Taking a stroll with your other half by your side along the paths of a greatly-maintained garden, with unique species of flora surrounding you and emanating with a pleasant blend of flowery aromas, is  one of those moments that stay in our memory for a long time. Among the romantic places of Krakow, the 18th-century Botanic Garden of the Jagiellonian University is one of the most recommended sites to visit. Located in the proximity of the Old Town (in Mikolaja Kopernika street) the garden welcomes couples to explore its vast space of 9,6 hectares where thousands of impressive plants grow both in the open air and in large glasshouses that are open to the public. This oasis of tropical greenery in the city centre of Krakow will not disappoint you if you are looking for a place that will let you feel separated from the outer world and united with nature at the same time, while enjoying the time spent with your beloved one. It is possible to visit the garden from mid-April do mid-October.

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Visit Wawel Castle to take delight at the panorama of the Vistulan boulevards of Krakow from behind the fortified wall of the stronghold. This nice view should prepare you for a walk along the boulevards that provide a lot of experiences of romantic nature. Wait until the dusk comes and have a cotton candy together as you descent nearly to the water level. Slowly walk along Czerwienski boulevard towards the Grunwaldzki Bridge, passing the Dragon statue and Dzok Monumentthe statue of a dog embraced by human hands that relates to the impressive loyalty of a real canine that waited for its owner at the nearby site of his demise for years. Once you come across Bernatka footbridge, beautifully illuminated at night, you may count the padlocks hang on the metal rails of the footbridge as a sign of eternal love of those who left them there together or decide to lock one of your own there and throw the key into the Vistula. This will let you leave a piece of your hearts in Krakow forever.


If you are both comparably active and weather conditions seem conducive, there is no better option to spend a couple of romantic moments in Krakow together than a walk to the Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec. Start your 11-kilometre route at the foot of Wawel Hill, reach Tyniecka street and enjoy the greenery surrounding the trail until you get to the medieval complex topping a picturesque limestone Jurassic hill. Climb the slope and enjoy the beautiful view that stretches from the vantage point at the abbey. If you have some 30 minutes of free time, you may devote it to sightseeing the exhibition at the museum located there. A special option to use if you fancy spending some time on a rocking boat and commonly enjoy the beautiful images en route is to take a splendid 4-hour return cruise to Tyniec. Your chosen one will surely enjoy the trip leading to one of the most scenic attractions Krakow and its vicinity provide.

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There is no more enchanting place in Krakow than the Jewish district – never missed to be placed on the list of top attractions of Krakow. Couples like you will definitely enjoy a stroll around the narrow and cobbled streets of Kazimierz, with its small artisan shops selling unique hand-crafted gifts around every corner and intimate cafes serving fine wine to have your mood relaxed. The charming air of this district, complemented by a mystical element so characteristic for the Yiddish culture, will make each of you experience real closeness and cosiness while walking down Miodowa, Jozefa or Szeroka street, crossing sunny Wolnica Square or contemplating the bizarre atmosphere of Remuh or New Jewish Cemetery of Kazimierz. Sharing a zapiekanka at Nowy Square, long enough to satisfy the appetites of both of you, will let you experience the scene known from “Lady and the Tramp” in one of the most romantic places in Krakow.

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When it comes to romantic places in Krakow, Kosciuszki Mound is one of those locations that deserve the title of Krakow’s queen of the night. Climbing the mound before the dusk to observe the panorama of the city together with your chosen one, descending the serpentine path hand in hand to return to the charming Old Town, will provide you with a great dose of intimacy under the stars. To connect yourself with the past of Krakow choose one of the ancient mounds of the cityKrakus or Wanda ones. If the altitude of 34 metres is not enough for you to elevate your love to a higher level, wait until the observation hot air balloon that used to be docked to Wolynski Boulevard returns to the city with a new location adopted. Romantic flights for two people only need to be booked in advance to enjoy a 10-14 minute journey towards the sky with no one else in the basket. The opportunity to hover over Wawel Castle together is something not to be missed!


There are many romantic restaurants in Krakow, so the choice is wide enough to satisfy the taste of both of you if you decide to spend an evening with a glass of wine and gourmet cuisine at one of the intimate venues of the city. Before you pick one, you may visit Cafe Szal located on the observation deck at the roof of Cloth Hall, as well as to go to Slodki Wentzl or Pijalnia Czekolady Wedel to have a cup of hot chocolate together. Such exceptional venues as the Italian-style Cherubino or La Campagna restaurants, rooftopped U Romana or Rubinstein, serene Pod Aniolami or Pod Sloncem, elegant Starka or Szara cafe, luxurious Wierzynek or Copernicus, as well as magical Singer or Miod Malina, will instil the right mood in both of you before you take a horse-drawn carriage to take you for a romantic ride around the cobbled streets of Old Town of Krakow. If you are looking for more ideas of restaurants that are suitable for couples like you, try checking the guide of Krakow restaurants to find the most appropriate place to spend your lovely evening at.

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