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Search throught attractions in Krakow that are worth to see. Get the most from Krakow stay and enjoy every minute spent here. We would like to help you understand whats the history behind all these places.


Curiosity killed the cat, didn’t it? In the case of Krakow, the lack of curiosity may only kill the fun – definitely don’t let it happen and plan your trip ahead to take the handfuls of what the city has to offer! Typical postcards may only give you a clue on what to expect in this ancient city of southern Poland, the former pagan castle-town ruled by legendary Krakus, later – the residence of Polish kings who would overlook the then-mighty country from the impressive castle sitting on Wawel Hill and a place where foremost European architects would leave countless testimonials to their unquestionable talent.

Old historic Krakow


The bustling Old Town of Krakow, filled with visitors of all ages strolling around or people-watching from one of many cafés surrounding the vast market place, is not easy to embrace once you are taken aback with its charm and multitude of opportunities that await its visitors. People differ, and you are no exception – choose the face of Krakow you want to discover and find out what you should do to make your personalized stay in Krakow unforgettable!


Once you pass the Barbican and go through the medieval St. Florian’s Gate, so richly decorated with the paintings of local artists, you will discover the romantic side of Krakow. 

Krakows Florian Gate

The Old Town of Krakow, placed in the World’s Heritage List of UNESCO for a reason, provides it all needed to take a romantic stroll with your chosen one, with a bagful of attractions located within a walking distance (the plentitude of ready-to-use horse-driven carriages is a great idea, too!). 



With the imposing St. Mary’s Basilica emanating in the distance, you will start your saunter along cobbled Florianska street under the shadow cast by the architectural specialty of Krakow – uniquely adorned and distinctively coloured kamienica buildings (imagine how individualist their owners must have been!). Sharing a heart-shaped Krakow bagel (obwarzanek krakowski) on the way to the Old Market Square is definitely something to try – even if having to compete for each crumb with the lovely pigeons of Krakow. After a few minutes of this refreshing walk, you will be welcomed by the stunning view of Rynek Glowny (the Main Market Square). 


Right before the St Mary’s Basilica – the Notre Dame of Krakow, with its main altar meticulously craved in the wood by Veit Stoss (you will surely witness a traditional Polish wedding ceremony inside the place while visiting) – there stretches the largest market place of medieval Europe: a space filled with creative street performers, charismatic flower sellers, craftsmen’s stands, cellars housing pubs, clubs and performance venues (like Piwnica pod Baranami – the Cellar under the Rams), gourmet restaurants (of which Wierzynek is exceptionally famous) and side cafés with shaded exteriors and intimate interiors.




The wonders of medieval, Renaissance and Art Nouveau architecture surround one of the most distinctive buildings of Krakow – the beautifully restored Sukiennice cloth hall, famous for the Polish pieces of jewellery and handcrafted art sold inside – be sure not to miss it!

The enthusiasts of history will never be bored of Krakow once they find out what stories the city has to tell. The Iron Curtain have long prevented the importance of the city being recognised abroad but the dark times are now over.



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Town Hall Tower, St. Mary’s Church, The Barbican
Town Hall Tower, St. Mary’s Church, The Barbican
Town Hall Tower, St. Mary’s Church, The Barbican
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