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Every experienced tourist perfectly knows how time- and money-consuming the preparation for a well-thought trip may be – this is why tourist passes came into being, allowing us all to sightsee carefully selected attractions at best prices and travel around the cities we visit with a single card issued in our pockets. If you are to visit Krakow soon, there are good news awaiting you: this gorgeous royal city also has a special visitor’s card with beneficial transport options included, and saving up to 70% of what your separate expenses would amount to is not merely a slogan! KrakowCard is the best-recognised tourist pass within the city. It offers incredible possibilities to Krakow visitors as encoded on a piece of plastic that may be conveniently carried anywhere. Find out more of what you can do with handy KrakowCard to commute between numerous Krakow attractions with no further payments needed!


It is possible to purchase your bearer’s KrakowCard as limited to providing you with free admission to as many as 40 museums of Krakow, including the top-recommended venues of Sukienice Cloth Hall, St. Mary’s Basilica, Oskar Schindler’s Factory or  Cracow Underground Museum, among others. These types of KrakowCard are offered to adults and students, at the prices of €17 and €15 consecutively, in both cases offering 3-day validity. At the same time, it needs to be remembered that even in the case of active travellers, the distance between the venues to visit –  based in Auschwitz or Wieliczka – may be considerable and there would still be separate transportation expense needed to be covered to reach more remote areas. This is why each holder of  an extended KrakowCard (“Krakow Tourist Card”) that provides 2- or 3-day validity (€25 / €30) combined with unlimited public transport options may enjoy the total freedom of sightseeing the marvels of Krakow. Read more to check how it is done!



Once you decide to purchase KrakowCard (“Krakow Tourist Card”) online or at stationary tourist information facilities operating at the airport (find other vendors here), you may immediately use it to travel towards the city centre. Simply – get on a bus of 208 or 292 lines or the night 902 line and present the card to the ticket inspector if a need be. Make sure to check which line is the most suitable for the location of your accommodation or find a convenient bus stop to change the lines. The best site to check the timetables of Krakow urban transport or search for personalized connections is available here. You may also browse it while on a bus or newer models of trams with free WiFi access provided by Krakow transportation operators.



The public transportation of Krakow is operated by MPK Krakow company which provides its services with comfortable buses and trams distinctively coated with dark blue. While getting on one of these, you do not need to enter through the front door or present your KrakowCard to anyone until a ticket inspector appears. Your KrakowCard has a magnetic stripe and its validity will be checked with a mobile terminal. The public transportation areas of Krakow are divided into two zones – the municipal zone I is where the most recognizable Krakow hallmarks may be found.

Krakow limitless public transport KrakowCard Krakow Tourist Pass how to travel around Krakow

Zone II includes the world-famous Wieliczka Salt Mine, among others. KrakowCard enables you to travel across zones I and II by Krakow trams and buses and along the entirety of routes you may see on the map below, both day and night. It is also possible to use certain railway means of transport within the metropolitan area of Krakow (more information may be found below) with the Krakow Tourist Card you hold.

KrakowCard free unlimited public transport Krakow Wieliczka tourist pass



With the limitless possibilities to take advantage of Krakow means of public transport (known for its punctuality and the effectiveness of the system of connections), you may freely choose where to travel next within zones I and II – for example, by travelling from westernmost Blonia Park and Kosciuszko Mound to north-eastern Nowa Huta commie district, only to travel southwards to Kazimierz Jewish district and return to the Main Square of Krakow with no extra expense to be covered.

Krakow bus connections unlimited transport 3 day KrakowCard Tourist Pass

The handy high-resolution maps of communication schemes of Krakow may be found here.If you decide to explore the underground beauty of Wieliczka Salt Mine, you will be able to use KrakowCard as a bus ticket. Krakow Tourist Card provides. A comprehensive guide on how to get to Wieliczka with Krakow public transportion may be found here – do not forget that you will not have to follow the parts related to ticket purchases, as your KrakowCard already is one!

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With three spare days to visit Krakow and its side attractions, travelling alone to Wieliczka and/or Auschwitz Concentration Camp may take you more time than if these two important tours were organised by real experts on a single day. By checking the ways to get to Auschwitz on your own, you may realise that it is not always possible to arrange your visit as you wish, with the certain unpredictability of long-distance public transportation there always exists. At the same time, you should not waste too much time not to see the top of 40 Krakow-based attractions that await you there. If you appreciate your time and like being provided with comfort in a cost-effective way, try to combine 3 Days Krakow Tourist Card with our separate trip to  Auschwitz Concentration Camp, starting early mornings each day of the week.

You will be be transported to Auschwitz directly from the Main Square of Krakow, as accompanied by an English-speaking guide, but also still enjoy the unlimited public transportation options after you return to Krakow. With KrakowCard in your pocket you save your time, money and strength needed to explore as much as you can throughout your two- or three-day break in the magical city of Krakow!


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