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Not everyone is a traveller of the “collectivist” type. Taking part in guided trips, when there are others to decide for us when to set off, when to leave a place we would like to stay longer at or where to go next, is only for those who have limited time to be shown around the essentials of a city. At the same time, guides are real professionals whose instructive explanations can give us a great insight into the history and culture of our tourist destination. Such a clash of facts may cause a dilemma of how to explore a city in a thorough way if we are of the “independent traveller” type. Fortunately, with the mobile devices we all have, you no longer have to rely on others during your stay in Krakow.

Krakow Audioguide free download mp3 guide


As you may already know it, KrakowCard is the only and perfectly recognised tourist pass within the borders of beautiful Krakow. It not only enables you to use the public transport of Krakow in a free and unlimited way, but also lets you visit the 40 outstanding museums of the city. Provided with useful service-customised maps that have the most important attractions clearly indicated on. Complemented by a bunch of up-to-date and informative articles that clarify the intricacies of Krakow public transport to each card holder. Finally, crowned with something that may become your own and personal guide; a Krakow expert that you can carry anywhere and activate whenever you need it. Discover the free Krakow audioguide that – together with KrakowCard and its visual attachments – makes up the best tourist package of Krakow ever created. Still wondering what advantage over other tourists to Krakow the audioguide may provide you with?*

Audioguide mobile phones Krakow city free download

*Well, except for the fact that you are going to be a wise one that has just saved a considerable amount of money to spend on your favourite types of entertainment.


By clicking the following link, you will be redirected to a separate page where KrakowCard Audioguide is available to download. After typing your e-mail address in an appropriate field, you will receive an e-mail with a direct link to the .zip file. Once the 500 mb package is downloaded, you will be asked to unzip the folder that contains the KrakowCard Audioguide itself. Et voila! The folder you may now open stores an impressive collection of 86 mp3 files with clear titles describing what attraction of Krakow each track outlines. The size of an individual track makes it easy to upload to a mobile device of your choice in different configurations, depending to the free memory you may use. Currently, the audioguide is available in two language versions: the English and German one. The former version may also be used by the non-native speakers of English, having been prepared and recorded with great care of those non-natives who would like to receive the information in an understandable way.

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The first track is something that you may listen to even before you plane lands in Krakow-Balice Airport. This brief and fact-abundant file will let you understand what influenced the current shape of Krakow by explaining to you what the past, present and future of the city are, or will be. Each of the remaining tracks is devoted to more specific parts, attractions or historical venues of Krakow. Composed of essential facts you need to know to gain awareness of the background of where you are or what you are looking at, recorded at an appropriate length, KrakowCard Audioguide will let you absorb the facts on the city in a convenient and non-time-consuming way. If you decide to use your KrakowCard or the customised maps that go with it, you will quickly feel as if you have just stopped being a stranger to Krakow. In fact, this is the primary function of KrakowCard and its audio components – making you more confident in taking your tours around the city, independent from others and well-informed on the existence of free attractions you are passing. In other words: KrakowCard Audioguide is a handy and competent tool enabling and facilitating a personalised exploration of Krakow to take place. A tool that changes the perspective of the city and makes the sightseeing easier, as well as faster – deprived of nearly any possibility to get lost or disinformed. Finally, it is not only free, but also easy to get, within a few clicks only.

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Sometimes it is so that we do not trust the things that are “free”. Even if we do not think we might be tricked into something, we may still consider “free things” as not carefully manufactured or provided as a service. In the case of KrakowCard Audioguide, there is nothing we want from its users in return. In fact, in order to have it, you do not need to hold any KrakowCard at all! While it is still the tourist pass that is the most cost-effective option which is simply worth-having, it only shows that KrakowCard Audioguide is something intended for virtually every visitor to Krakow. We are passionate about Krakow and proud of the fact that we can share our knowledge of the city with others. Wanting every visitor to feel welcomed, we have prepared the guide in the best and most informative way we could.

Best audioguide Krakow

Once you download KrakowCard Audioguide and use it while sightseeing the Krakow attractions we have selected for people like you, you will notice how practical the mp3 package is. With your earphones on, you will have the rest of your senses free to admire all the beautiful places you come across. It may even be so that it will be the first time for you to visit a city with any audioguide used – in this case, we are almost sure it will not be the last one. The fact is that KrakowCard Audioguide is the only such extensive package of professionally developed and recorded tracks concerning Krakow, if not any other Polish city. And it is free to get – therefore, feel free to get it!

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