Regional Rydel`s Museum of Polish Modernism Rydlowka

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28 W. Tetmajera Street

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Autobusy :238,248,258,268,278

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Pasternik Cmentarz

Enter the fantastic world of literature and take part in the famous “Wedding” by Wyspianski. Regional Rydel’s Museum of Polish Modernism Rydłówka may not have any kind of time vehicle in its stock, however it does have beautifully preserved chambers, remembering the times of Lucjan Rydel and Jadwiga Mikolajczykówna wedding.

The attraction is housed in a historic mansion, established in 1894 by Włodzimierz Tetmajer. Now, it is owned by family Rydlów, who live in part of building and rents the rest of it to the museum of total area reaching 135 m2. The permanent exhibition is housed in four rooms. These are Common, the Chamber ‘dance’, the Board “scene” and “Alcove”.

The collected folklore exhibits resemble the life in Bronowice and the Young Polish artists associated with this place. We can find here the paintings of Włodziemierz Tetmajer, Kazimierz Sichulski, Stefan Filipkiewicz, Tadeusz Noskowski, Vincent Wodzinowski or Henryk Uziembły. But that’s not all, as authentic costumes from the period of Bronowice wedding are also displayed.