City Defence Walls Krakow

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Cracow, Pijarska Street

After that, when in 1241 the city of Cracow was devastated by the Tatar invasion - it turned out that there is a need of building defensive walls around the city. Finnaly it occured in 1285, by the decision of Prince Leszek Czarny. The construction of the walls were finalised in the first half of the fourteenth century.

The fortifications were built with a double wall and moat, which was supposed to make it more difficult to access them. Walls height was 7.5 meters, and a witdh 2.5 meters. 9 meters in front of the inner walls, there was built 2 meters high rampart, which task was to stop the first wave of attack. An additional reinforcement for the inner walls were 10 meters high towers. In the fourteenth century there were 17 towers around Cracow. In everyday use towers did not have a military purpose – they were used by craftsmen guilds, from which the towers took their names.

In order to get into the city, you had to use one of the 7 available gates that were locked during the night. The moat that surrounded the walls was wide from 6 to 10 meters deep and 3.5 meters and was filled with water from Młynówka Royal. The showpiece of the city’s medieval defences, the Barbican